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Smartwatches can be the right place to revive this ’90s gaming fad

WearOS and WatchOS have a pair dozen smartwatch video games apiece, with a cult following of players who like puzzles and arcade video games on tiny screens. Nevertheless, one kind of recreation would go together with smartwatches like PB&J: a digital pet watch face/ recreation, just like the Tamagotchi or Pikachu wearables of the ’90s. 

I owned the unique Bandai Tamagotchi from 1996 and the Pokemon Pikachu in ’98. I’ve obscure, nostalgia-tinted reminiscences of elevating my Tamagotchi to maturity and working with my marathoner dad carrying my Pikachu pedometer to make the little monster completely satisfied. They each felt bigger and extra actual than the handfuls of pixels that displayed them.

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