BdPhone Powered By FastNet & AT & T

New Number Activation Form

    Once the activation process is completed and you got your BDPhone Number. please follow the following steps:

    • Turn your cell phone off, Insert the new Fastnet GSM SIM and turn the phone on.
    • Follow the on-screen steps if there is any and your phone should start the bdphone service automatically.
    • If your phone does not activate automatically, please wait for some time e. g. 45 minutes, then reboot your phone.
    • Your phone should be working by now.
    • Start placing call, text messages and surfing the web with bdphone.
    • Business hours: Mon to Fri 9am to 7 pm EST
    • Sat-9am to 12pm
    • Sunday closed
    • All after hours order will process in 3 hour or next business day.
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