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Google had its LLM homicide itself in Werewolf to check its AI smarts

At GDC 2024, Google AI senior engineers Jane Friedhoff (UX) and Feiyang Chen (Software program) confirmed off the outcomes of their Werewolf AI experiment, by which all of the harmless villagers and devious, murdering wolves are Giant Language Fashions (LLMs).

Friedhoff and Chen skilled every LLM chatbot to generate dialogue with distinctive personalities, strategize gambits based mostly on their roles, cause out what different gamers (AI or human) are hiding, after which vote for probably the most suspicious particular person (or the werewolf’s scapegoat). 

They then set the Google AI bots free, testing how good they had been at recognizing lies or how inclined they had been to gaslighting. In addition they examined how the LLMs did when eradicating particular capabilities like reminiscence or deductive reasoning, to see the way it affected the outcomes. 

A slide during the GDC 2024 panel "Simulacra and Subterfuge: Building Agentic 'Werewolf'". It shows an example of the Generative Werewolf game in action, with bots attempting to deceive villagers or sniff out werewolves.

(Picture credit score: Michael Hicks / Android Central)

The Google engineering group was frank in regards to the experiment’s successes and shortcomings. In very best conditions, the villagers got here to the proper conclusion 9 instances out of 10; with out correct reasoning and reminiscence, the outcomes fell to 3 out of 10. The bots had been too cagey to disclose helpful info and too skeptical of any claims, resulting in random dogpiling on unfortunate targets.

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